20 Jul, 2016

Dubai to London Exhibition

Dubai to London Fashion
20 Jul, 2016

Last Sunday 17th July I was invited to the Almas exhibition Dubai to London as a guest of honour with the famous fashion designer Zeynep Kartal. Currently, I am working as Zeynep Kartal’s brand consultant. Zeynep and I were honoured and accepted the event invitation which was hosted by her highness Sheikha Dr Hind Abdulaziz Al Qassimi of UAE.

The event was held at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Many female members of the Royal families of UAE and also many other VIP s and celebrities attended the event. After the opening ceremony which was started with the arrival of her highness, selected exhibitors merchandise were admired by the guests.

Most of the exhibitors were fashion designers and jewellers from UAE and UK. Famous celebrity and royal jewellers Muzafarian and one of the most famous and oldest hand embroidery company Hand&Lock were amongst the exhibitors.

As guest of honour Turkish British fashion designer had a special room to exhibit her designs . Her designs were admired and praised by the ladies of royal families. The host of the event her royal highness Sheikha Dr Hind Abdulaziz Al Qassimi visited our stand and had a long conversation with me and Zeynep Kartal about fashion , Dubai  and london.

It was a sucessful event which brought many important UAE and UK fashion people and jewellers  together . The exhibition opened a new door between UK and UAE .

Dubai to London FashionDubai to London FashionDubai to London Fashion